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Couple Therapy

A space to get to the root of relationship difficulties

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Coming to therapy as a couple will give you the opportunity to explore difficult dynamics in a safe and confidential setting. There may be many difficult emotions between you, such as hurt or anger, and we will explore this together in a thoughtful way.    


Couple therapy may help you both to identify repeating patterns that feel hurtful or even destructive; and it may help you to establish new ways of relating that feel more fulfilling and productive. Insights gained from the therapy might lead to a new sense of emotional intimacy where difficulties can then be made sense of and worked through together, rather than separately.    


During our sessions, we will think about your difficulties as well as the underlying reasons behind them. You may gain insight into each other’s experiences, feelings and behaviours, and begin to see each other as well as your relationship with a new sense of empathy and curiosity.    


Couples who contact me for therapy have sometimes been experiencing some of the following:  

Whatever you bring, we will think through your difficulties together in a safe and confidential setting.

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